Over 10 million residents reside in Portugal, located in South-West Europe and borders Spain. Portugal is well known for its great warm climate and breathtaking coasts and views. The local language is Portuguese, though most residents speak English, making it very easy to get around.

A World’s Leading Attractive Location

During recent years, Portugal became one of the most attractive and safest countries for investments. The country’s investment value has constantly grown rapidly since 2015 up to now, doubling and multiplying as time proceeds. For instance, in URBANO360’s areas of interests the real estate value rose within 5 years as follows:


In 2015 real estate property valued by 4,000 Euros per m2, rose to 6,750 Euros per m2 during 2020 - ~60% rise.


In 2015 real estate valued by 3,100 Euros per m2 rose to 4,000 Euros per m2 during 2020 - ~30% rise.

In 2015 real estate valued by 2,200 Euros per m2 rose to 2,800 Euros per m2 during 2020 - ~25% rise.

The Algarve - Investment locations

In 2015 real estate valued by 3,500 Euros per m2 rose to 4,500 Euros per m2 during 2020 - ~30% rise.

Vila Nova de Gaia (river/sea)
In 2015 real estate valued by 3,100 Euros per m2 rose to 4,000 Euros per m2 during 2020 - ~30% rise.

Changes in M2 prices 2015-2020


According to a Standard & Poor's report, housing prices in Portugal are expected to fall by 0.6% this year. The decline in housing prices in Portugal is expected to be short-lived.
S&P believes that prices will increase by 1.2% in 2021 and will continue thereafter with increases of 5% in 2022 and 4.5% in the following year.


Did you know?



According to Forbes Magazine, Portugal is the number one safest country to live in after COVID-19!



According to Global Property Guide Magazine, Portuguese real estate value has risen by 13.45% during the past 10 years. 


Desired Destination

Forbes Magazine report that throughout three consequent years from 2017 to 2019, Portugal was elected as a “worldwide most desired destination” in the field of tourism.

Growing Tourism, Political Stability and Excellent COVID-19 Management

Portugal is a worldwide beauty and wonder. With virgin coasts, excellent dining, warm locals and great culture, it’s anyone’s dream vacation come true. And tourism indeed keeps expanding. During the summer of 2019 alone, within only 3 months, 27 million(!) tourists visited the country, and the country’s tourism incomes were estimated at 7.362 billion Euros(!).

Portugal is a country of widely significant expanding growth in many aspects besides tourism, such as technology, finance, real estate, foreign investment, and more. Throughout recent years, the country keeps proving political and social stability and prosperity. The best example is showcased during the recent COVID-19 global pandemic when Portugal was declared as a European leader in coping and handling COVID-19 with great success.

According to Earnst&Young   Attractiveness Survey (July 2020), Despite Covid-19 effects Portugal keeps showing promising records with a peak of Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) record, more than doubling its share of European projects, great financial growth forecasts, and an extreme 50% reduction in unemployment. 


Low Tax Rates & Great Technological Development

Beyond the significant EU membership, Portugal’s tax levels are low, enabling many tax relief possibilities. For instance, you may transfer money abroad tax-free, and there is no Portuguese taxation for wealth nor inheritance. If you have decided to buy property in Portugal for residence, you may receive Portuguese citizenship with a simple bureaucratic procedure. These are the main reasons for Portugal’s extreme technological development, becoming a great world innovation center and home to many great global companies. 


Perfect for Families

In addition to it all, Portugal’s education system is exceptional, with emphasis on higher education and universities. Almost half of Portugal’s residents are good English speakers, and more languages are commonly spoken. With a key location, beautiful surrounding and quality people, the country has become a center of attraction for anyone willing to settle in a safe and stable flourishing country with a great future ahead.


Portugal’s real estate provides great investment opportunities – a center of interest, constant growth, low prices (yet) and very high and stable return rates.

Portugal: Impressive past, an excellent present and a bright future ahead.