URBANO360 is a professional team who is well-experienced in the Portuguese real-estate world. URBANO360 is a real-estate investment group that operates in the heart of Portugal’s most promising cities. URBANO360 can offer investors great opportunities.

About Urbano360

Urbano360 is a Real-Estate investment group, focusing on residential & commercial real-estate investments in three main Portuguese cities: Porto, Braga and Lisbon. Urbano360 operates for the benefit of its investors and aims to achieve a substantial return on investment by enhancing carefully picked investment opportunities.


With experience gained over many years, Urbano360 can locate excellent properties in the heart of Portugal’s most desired cities, properties that can be the basis for excellent safe business investments.

Urbano360 was founded on the assumption that in order to achieve superior risk-adjusted returns requires both in-depth knowledge of the Portuguese real estate market and proven management skills. Urbano360 believes that our operational experience and rich knowledge enables us to achieve attractive high long-term returns with relatively low risk.


This professional know-how is complemented by excellent business contacts and mutual trust relationships built throughout many years.


Investment Strategy

Urbano360 seeks real estate investment opportunities

located mainly in the historical city centers of Porto, Braga & Lisbon. Based on previous experience, extensive knowledge, and close business relationships URBANO360 can provide investors with significant outcomes.

Urbano360 renovates these properties and upscales them

which can include expanding floors and properties, as well as complete interior apartment alteration. Projects are managed with the assistance of leading professionals, lawyers, accountants, architects, designers, and more, all carefully picked to build the right property portfolio.

Urbano360 believes in a balanced investment strategy

together with the right risk-management approach to generate long term capital gains for our shareholders.

Our Added Value

Proven management skills

Experience in developing & leading companies and complex cross-functional projects.


Extensive experience & deep understanding

Comprehensive, professional, and cultural understanding of the Portuguese real estate market together with strong and long-lasting partnerships with key figures in the field.

‘A to Z’ project management &
personal approach

From finding the perfect properties throughout their construction phase and finally selling them, Urbano360 accompanies each investor and maintains a fully transparent process during the entire process.



Paving your new path to a great investment opportunity in Portugal’s promising cities.