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Experienced in the Portuguese real-estate world, URBANO360 is focused on residential real-estate, operating in the heart of Portugal’s promising cities and offering great investment opportunities


Why Portugal? And Why Now?


The number one safest country to live in after COVID-19!


Real estate value has risen by 13.45% during the past 10 years


Unemployment nearly halved during the past four years (2016-2020)

Desired Destination

Worldwide it is the most desired destination for 4 consequent years (2017 to 2020)

24 M

In the summer of 2019 (3 months only) 27 million tourists (7.4 billion Euros income!)


Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) projects in Portugal more than tripled (2015 - 2019)

It is All About the Location…
Where Do We Invest?


The merge of ancient history and innovation turns this northern Portuguese city into a uniquely attractive location. Add the low cost of living, vibrant student-life, excellent public transportation systems and great nightlife and you come up with one of the most attractive investment destinations.


Known as “Portugal’s Rome” is home to one of Europe’s leading nanotechnology universities, Minho University, which attracts many students as well as technological and industrial businesses to the city. Located in the north of Portugal, low real estate prices make it one of the country’s hidden real-estate treasures.


Portugal’s capital is the largest Portuguese city and the place where everything happens. Like most capitals, Lisbon’s real-estate market is extremely rich, constantly expanding, however the market has fair pricing and fast profitable investment opportunities.

*Based on Ernst & Young, Forbes Magazine & Global Property Guide Magazine reports

Good to know

Urbano360 targeted areas where real estate property prices, between 2015 and 2020,  jumped by 60% per m2 in Lisbon, by 30% in Porto and by 25% in Braga, but that is not all.


More growth is also expected in Portugal in general, and particularly in these cities.

Our Strategic Partners

URBANO360 works in alliance with leading strategic partners that include proficient Portuguese real estate experts, property locators, developers, project operators, constructors, and more. Our partners maintain widespread work-relationships with key figures designed to ensure cooperation to create the best real estate investment opportunities for our investors.




You can trust URBANO360 to find your best investment opportunity. URBANO360‘s professional services and excellent project management skills during every phase of development promise great outcomes.


With vast experience, URBANO360 maintains constant close relations with key partners & professionals in the Portuguese real-estate market.  


Custom-made investment opportunities and URBANO360’s close personal attention to investors with total ‘A to Z’ project management.


With vast experience and knowledge about the Portuguese market, URBANO360 is capable of locating the most promising properties in order to present investors with great opportunities.


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